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Drive down Arisdale Avenue in Aveley, Essex today, and all you’ll find is an empty factory. Once the Mecca for all Ford enthusiasts, from 1970 to 1975 it housedFord’s Advanced Vehicle Operation. The first Escort RS models – RS1600, RS2000 and Mexico – were all built at the famous AVO plant.

To keep his motorsport departments happy, Ford’s Walter Hayes needed somewhere to build special,…

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Ford Escort MK1



8 / 10

PRICE: £1000-£20,000

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Fast Facts

  • Produced:
  • Bodywork:
    Two or four-door saloon three-door estate van
  • Engine:
    Overhead valve in-line four-cylinder 1098cc 45-48bhp 1298cc 52-57bhp 1300GT/1300E 1298cc 64-72bhp
    Mexico 1599cc 86bhp Twin Cam 1558cc 109.5bhp
    RS1600 Twin cam 16 valve 1601cc 115-120bhp
    RS2000 overhead camshaft ‘Pinto’ in-line four-cylinder
    1993cc 100bhp
  • 0-60 mph:
    8.5-20 sec
  • MPG:

PAST: Anglia replacement with choice of 1100 or 1300 power and three trim levels. Sporty 1300GT for ’68 along with Lotus-powered flagship Twin Cam. Four-door range for ’69 while iconic 16-valve, 120bhp RS1600 and Cortina GT-powered Mexico join line up in ‘70, both hand built at Ford’s AVO off-shoot. 1300 Sport; a GT in De Luxe form aimed at club sports. In contrast plush GT-based 1300E introduced in March 1973, followed that summer by RS2000; bridging the gap between Mexico and RS1600.

PRESENT: A delightful small car that’s super easy to run. Ordinary models are light and peppy but the sporting ones hold most sway, especially Mexico and RS, although Sport and GT are okay. Estates are highly practical.

FUTURE: Mexicos and RS versions already making strong money so now watch for fakes. Lesser Escorts only worth something if strictly standard but good spares and club support make them easy to upgrade.

Ford Cortina GT Mk.1 & 2/1600E

Fast Facts

  • Produced:
    GT Mk.1 1963-1966/GT Mk.2; 1966-70/1600E 1967-1970
  • Engine:
    1498cc S4 OHV 78bhp @5200 rpm/1599cc S4 OHV 88bhp @5700 rpm
  • 0-60 mph:
    1.5 /1.6 11.5 secs
  • MPG:
    1.5 26 mpg/1.6 27 mpg

The car that brought sports saloon motoring to the ordinary motorist, the Cortina GT was launched in 1963 and was fitted with a tuned 1498cc engine and front disc brakes. Replaced in late ‘66 by the square cut Mk.2, the GT was fitted with the 1599cc cross-flow‘Kent’ engine, which also found it way into what is still regarded as the ultimate Cortina – the 1600E. Distinguished by its auxiliary driving lamps. Ro-style wheels and luxury trim, Lotus-Cortina suspension made it handle well too. All GTs were available in two or four-door bodies (Mk2 GT estates were to special order) and provide immensely practical fun motoring that’s a lot more durable than the flagship Lotus version.

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