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Hillman Super Minx

Published: 23rd Jun 2011 - 1 Comments

Hillman Super Minx

Fast Facts

  • Engine: 1592cc/4-cyl
  • Power (bhp/rpm): 62/4800
  • Torque (lb ft@rpm): 84/2800
  • Top speed: 83mph
  • 0-60mph: 21sec
  • Fuel consumption: 27mpg
  • Transmission: 4-speed manual
  • Length: 13ft 9in (4.19m)
  • Width (inc mirrors): 5ft 2in (1.59m)
  • Weight: 2287lb (1040kg)
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If you’re looking for a family car that’s a break from the norm, the Hillman Super Minx couldbe just what you’re after; practical, reliable, affordable and quirky, a range of models were offered during the Sixties, from an unusually styled saloon to a super-stylish convertible. There was an estate too, but you’ll be hard-pressed to fi nd one now – although if you’re after a classic load carrier that’s truly unusual, it’s worth the search. While specialists are few and far between, those that do exist are excellent, and so are the clubs that support these cars, ensuring the ownership experience is as enjoyable as possible. Even better, there’s a surprising number of really good, cherished low-mileage Super Minxes out there – at any one time there aren’t masses to choose from, but at least they do exist. So get searching!

What to look for?

Rot is by far the biggest problem; it’s highly likely to be present to some degree, and replacement panels aren’t available, so everything has to be fabricated. Check the leading edge of the bonnet, inner wings, wheelarches and bootlid trailing edge, along with the footwells, rear spring hangers and rear quarter panels. The crossmember under the fl oors also need close inspection. Trim is also a problem, in that you’ll struggle to fi nd any decent bits second-hand, while any new stuff disappeared years ago. At least it’s durable, but anything damaged or missing will be tricky to replace. This goes for the interior trim as well as the exterior. The mechanicals should prove less of a headache, as the engines and gearboxes are very strong. Any Super Minx should feel sprightly – especially if it’s fi tted with an aluminium cylinder head – so if there’s any sluggishness it’s probably because the carburettor is tired or the bottom end has worn. The 1592cc engine lasts 100,000 miles or more – the 1725cc unit will easily cover double this before a rebuild is due.Watch out for leaking rear hub seals, as the axle can be drained, leading to a seizure plus a soaking of the brake shoes in lubricant.


Restoration projects cost up to £200, but take one on with caution. Decent saloons are £1000-£1500 – you’ll be doing very well to fi nd an estate as most have now disappeared. A good convertible is £2000- 2500, while a really superb example is up to £4000.

Driving one

While cars with the 1600 engine are nippy rather than fast, those with the 1725 unit offer quite a lot more pace. However, either engine allows you to keep up with modern traffi c, and if a Hunter diff has been fi tted to a 1600 engined car, cruising is even more relaxed – although acceleration suffers of course.


Jul 1961

Singer Vogue arrives, with a 62bhp 1592cc engine.

Oct 1961

Hillman Super Minx debuts; a Vogue with bench seat.

May 1962

Estate editions of the Vogue and Super Minx go on sale.

Jun 1962

A convertible Super Minx joins the range.

Oct 1962

The Vogue II & Super Minx II appear, with front disc brakes, optional auto, fewer grease points and bucket seats.

Jan 1963

The Humber Sceptre arrives with 80bhp tune and overdrive.

Jul 1964

The convertible is axed.

Oct 1964

There’s now a taller, squarer cabin, an all-synchro gearbox and reclining seats. The Vogue III also arrives, with an alloy cylinder head.

Sep 1965

The Vogue IV, Super Minx IV and Sceptre II appear, with a 1725cc engine and restyled nose.

Aug 1966

The Super Minx and Vogue saloons are replaced by the Arrow Series cars.

User Comments

This review has 1 comments

  • I have a one family owned from new 63 convertible for 3 years,42000 original miles and every fill of petrol and journey accounted for! Love it and will own it until I depart this earth.There are so few of these left and so undervalued in my opinion.

    Comment by: Martin     Posted on: 02 Feb 2012 at 10:19 PM

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