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Volvo Amazon

Volvo Amazon Published: 19th Apr 2016 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Volvo Amazon
Volvo Amazon
Volvo Amazon
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If the shapely saintly P1800 is too small for your needs, then an Amazon will do the same job because they are much the same under the skin – rather like Cortinas and Capris. However, this Swede is in another league to the Ford in terms of build quality and toughness. And compared to that more famous, fast appreciating Simon Templar steed, this saloon (and magnificent estate) remains top value – £4000 easily nabs a nice one.


There’s a range of two and four-door saloons – plus a brilliant brick-like estate that’s the last word in practicality – that ran from the late 1950s up to 1970 using engines spanning 1.6-2000cc and certain models used the same engine tune as the P1800. The most desired and rare model is the two-door 123GT that was made for only two years.


You’d probably think of the Amazon as an unwieldy ponderous car, yet nothing could be further from the truth. In its day, the Amazon was a true sporting saloon that achieved much success in competition and feels little different to a P1800 although the performance on mainstream models and estates is a bit sedate although automatic models don’t suffer further. With its rear-wheel drive, a good Amazon is genuinely fun to drive yet comfortable with it. And you can easily make this Volvo even better with tried and tested mods; speak to Amazon Cars – and look out for Ruddspeed tuning gear on eBay and at autojumbles.


Look at the Amazon as being a Swedish Jag Mk2 or MG Magnette; a sporty, quality car yet one that’s easy and low cost to own and maintain. Spares supply is pretty fair although, in common with the P1800, body panels can be pricey and as tough as the Amazon is, rust can be rife plus pre-’66 models featured a poor rear suspension design that is also prone to rotting out. There’s a good spread of specialists and an excellent enthusiastic owners’ club. Fuel economy is fair if not brilliant but overdrive helps and thus-equipped you can use an Amazon as a daily if you so wish.


Sporting, comfortable and superbly stylish, the 120-Series remains as affordable as they are practical. Whether you’re buying one for historic competition or you just want something different for your commute – or to show off – this classy Volvo fills just about any role you can think of.

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