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Unlike this E-type owner many hibernate their classics carefully over the winter! Rob Marshall explains how now to wake up your classic from its slumbers – safely

Keen not to expose them to the horrors of damp, salt and snow, many classic owners retire their prized classics, if only temporarily, until the weather improves – and that’s the most sensible thing to do.

However, only an idiot would open up their garage, re-connect the battery, fire up and drive off without checking over their vehicle first. If yours has been stored sympathetically, inspected frequently and has not been off the road for longer than around nine months, preparing it for regular use again should be both straightforward and painless.

A vehicle that has been stowed away in warm and dry conditions tends to require a lot less work than one that has been sitting, outdoors, in the open for several months. However, apart from inspecting the mandatory MoT Test items, taking an older vehicle out of short-term storage tends to mean that further checks are also required both for reliability and safety’s sake.

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