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Porsche 993

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Porsche 993
Porsche 993
Porsche 993
Porsche 993
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All good things come to an end so they say and the 993 will always have special place with Porsche fans not least because it’s the last generation of air-cooled classics. Launched 25 years ago this smoother styled 911 also became far more luxurious and palatial plus saw the introduction of special glass sunroof model to reinvent the old targa 911s. Typically, 993s are more valued than later cars because of the air-cooled connection plus this old stalwart of an engine are far more durable than what followed…


Any seasoned 911 pilot will fully appreciate Porsche’s all new rear suspension design endowing this classic with excellent road manners with the tail not wagging the car any more. Given all that, equally valued is the notable improvement in ride comfort and noise levels. With 272bhp on tap from the normal Carrera, there’s little quarrel over the performance, aided by a new manual transmission and faster thinking Tiptronic. Carrera 4s also benefitted from a new viscous coupling over the previous central differential to improve what some enthusiasts regarded as rather safe but dull handling; now feels like a 911 should albeit with tremendous grip and reassuring security in all weathers.


Like-for-like, you can pay up to three times more for a 993 compared to a 996 and values shadow those of earlier 911s such as the 964, meaning that you’d be doing well to get a very good example for much less than £50,000 (we’ve seen them for almost double) and regard £30K as the bottom line for anything half decent. If anything, Carrera 2 versions are worth more over the four-wheel drive equivalent and the same can be said for manual cars.


1993 Announced as replacement for 964 and became the last air-cooled 911 range. Fully revamped with all new multi link rear suspension; 272bhp with choice of coupé or cabrio; manual or Tiptronic automatic transmission

1994 Carrera 4 joins range with new, lighter permanent all-wheel drive system

1995 Carrera 4S has Turbo body and much of its running gear but without that rear wing but an improved 285bhp. Rear wheel-drive only lightweight Carrera RS has 3.8-litre ‘Varioram’ engine for 300bhp; GT2 has 430bhp aerodynamic body

1996 ‘Varioram’ engine option for standard Carrera, Turbo has twin KKK units for 408bhp, 4WD only

1997 Carrera S is very similar to earlier 4S but it’s RWD only; made for one year and highly sought after as a result

1998 Final fl ing is the well appointed Turbo S boasting 450bhp in manual form only

Top buying tips


Main dealers offer a 111 point inspection service and subsequent feel-good warranty plan for peace of mind covering models up to 15 years old or 120,000 miles – very good value for little more than £200


So long as it’s not left unused for long periods the unit should be fine although is known to leak a drop of oil and the Varioram (said to give snappier overtaking pace) can play up. Major repairs or rebuilds cost big bucks


Nice to have, ensure that the panoramic glass sliding roof works properly and not damaged. Similarly cabrios tend to show cabin deterioration; again, check hood for fi t and operation


Should be in good order unless neglected or poorly repaired – stone chip damage common as are broken door check straps, which are pricey to put right at over £500. Solid coloured cars seem to be less popular so you may chip away the price

Running gear

Nothing out of the ordinary but harder use will knock out the brakes, dampers and bushes giving the car a loose feel; try to drive a few to gauge as these cars will vary depending upon their condition

Best models


Last of the air-cooled era is keeping prices high; 993 also saw début of the powered glass-roofed Targa. All are sound buys if you do it right

Carrera S

All that’s good about the Turbo but in nornal rear-wheel drive form, making it the best driving 993 of them all. Short model life so high prices


With its all new rear end the Turbo 933s have been fully tamed. Monster pace, as always, and now sought after but dearer to buy and run over a 911

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