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Timewarp legends that are thrilling to drive but repairing one is still specialist

Why buy?

Morgan models have come and gone but what has never changed is the hand-built nature of the cars along with their charm – and of course that unique driving experience.


Most are exhilarating as they offer an antiquated driving experience that makes an MGB or Triumph almost civilised and dainty by comparison! Apart from the Plus 8s, Morgan experts say the Fiat twincam and the Rover T16 are fine buys too.

What to pay

The general rule of thumb is that the newer the car, the more it’s worth. The Plus 8 is the most valuable, followed by the Plus Four, with the 4/4 the least valuable. A decent Plus 8 will still attract upwards of £25,000 – even a fuel-injected 4/4 will command nearly £20,000 while early Plus 8s change hands for well up to £40 grand and values can only go up.


Morgans are not the DIY dream their simple old school make up suggests although all that you need is available including a complete chassis. However, a re-shell means a huge rebuild job. They used an ash frame and cars built after 1986 are best bet, as the wood was treated. Renewing the framework is a skilled and costly job. Play in the door hinge post is a structural fault that’s costly to fix – reckon on £1500 per side – the real skill is in getting them to fit.


Anglia 105E engine is simple but 1340cc powerplant is weakest –1600GT is far better bet. XR3 CVH engine suffers worn valve guides and fuming, Fiat and Rover units are fairly reliable.

Plus 8

Rover V8 is generally okay; short journeys and lack of oil changes sludge up oil ways and knock out the camshaft and heads while their gaskets let go, too. EFi is old school and easy to maintain. RUNNING GEAR Steering wear is common, front suspension need specialist care, rear axles can be a problem and expensive to rectify.

Best model?

Plus 8

Worst model?

Poor examples

Budget buy?

XR3/Rover T16 versions

Ok for unleaded?

Depends on engine

Spares situation?


Diy ease?

Good in some parts

Club support?

Top notch

Appreciating asset?


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