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Land Rover & Defender

Land Rover & Defender Published: 3rd May 2019 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Land Rover & Defender
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A great working classic that enjoys a huge cult following and prices reflect this

Why buy?

Land Rovers may be rough and ready, slow, noisy and uncomfortable but that’s the attraction of these old warriors! As a second car for household duties, or as a short haul daily driver they make immense sense as well as good fun and a sound investment.



Landies are tough so you need to be equally hardy to drive one. If you can put it through its paces off-road (and you should as it’s brilliant fun), you’ll come away amazed how this old timer handles it all. The newer the car the more civilised they became with better appointments – heated seats on the newest models!

What to pay


SI models are most wanted for historic reasons; SIII and Defenders most pragmatic choices but the demise of this icon has seen values rocket across the board so expect to pay around £2500 for a project and £15,000 at the other end of the price scale – SI can touch £40,00. SIIIs are the cheapest along with Defenders.



These cars are inherently hard used, that’s what they’re made for but abuse you don’t need. You must get underneath to check any purchase thoroughly for ruinous off-road use. RUST Check chassis carefully, particularly the rear cross member and outriggers, footwells, spring hangers and main chassis legs. Happily, all what you may need is available.



Aluminium body suffers from a multitude of sins including corrosion, dents and dings; harder to repair than pressed steel.



Old Rover petrol units are okay and parts supply is good. V8 is well known although camshaft wear, gummed up hydraulic valve train and head gasket woes are common. Diesel units aren’t renowned for robustness, especially from 80s onwards. Head gaskets can be problematic as are turbos.

Best model?

Early pre-Defenders

Worst model?

Anything ropey

Budget buy?


Ok for unleaded?

Only late ones

Spares situation?


Diy eaSe?

Generally fine

Club support?


Appreciating asset?

Early ones can make five figures

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