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Bentley RR-Type & Jensen FF

Bentley RR-Type & Jensen FF Published: 25th Apr 2017 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Bentley RR-Type & Jensen FF
Bentley RR-Type & Jensen FF
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After making his Jensen FF one of the best around and stalling on this Bentley, Ray decides there’s only one option available to him – sell them!

Car: Bentley RR-Type & Jensen FF Year: 50s & 1968 Owner: Ray Potter

My garage looks decidedly empty at the moment. The Jensen FF and my Bentley R-Type have both gone to new homes – and it’s the actual garage that’s one of the reasons. Why? I’ll explain. A few years ago, I decided to invest in a larger, cleaner, warmer and altogether friendlier accommodation for the best of my very small collection and chose one based on the Swedish log cabin style of construction.

The suppliers I singled out offered it as a self-construct kit or their team of two would erect it over a couple of days for just seven hundred quid. Seeing as it was a big treble one using large interlocking logs, no contest I thought?

As the garage is made to order, you choose the size and they tell you the dimensions of the base for you to construct.

This they duly did, and I got down to preparing the footings and shuttering, reinforcing material, ordering a larger amount of Ready-mix and finishing up with a beautifully tamped base positioned with the rear against my hedgerow so as to leave enough room opposite another garage for all but a stretch limo to be able to get out.

The vast kit arrived on a huge Artic with its own fork-lift; the men to erect it turning up a little later. They started laying it out commenting to me that ‘this was the nicest base they have ever worked on’. Ten minutes later, they told me it was the wrong size! Their ‘guvnor’ gave me the internal dimensions instead of the outer. Seeing as the logs were nearly five inches thick, the base was the best part of a foot short on two sides!

A phone call confirmed it was all the boss’s fault and all the men could do was to spend a day preparing the footings, drilling my wonderful base for metal ties etc in readiness for more concrete. Six weeks later, when the new concrete extensions had hardened properly, they came back again and although my lovely new garage when finished was even larger than first ordered, manoeuvring in and out the likes of the now departed FF or the Bentley was extremely difficult resulting in a bent bumper and a dented side panel on a couple of occasions.

Of course, there were other reasons my pair of classics went. Both are larger four-seaters for a start and dare I say it, my wife is becoming less inclined to accompany me to shows, pub meets and the like unless the weather is all but perfect; not to mention that the FF only does 10mpg on a good day!

Looking back, I have never kept any classic for more than 10 years; the Jaguar SS100 perhaps a little longer and if the price is right as they say, it’s time to move on and enjoy something new – or old!

The FF was stunning to look at but always a pain to start and as they all are apparently as I found out talking to other owners at the recent 50th Anniversary of big Jensens at Gaydon. At least she behaved on this occasion, possibly because I had a ‘For Sale’ notice on the windscreen! A fuel non-return valve or an electric pump conversion might have cured it but I’m less inclined to work on ‘em now in my dotage.

Being automatic, as all 4WD FFs are, was another reason. So too was the Bentley and with a couple of other cars in the family I use without the need of a left foot I was beginning to forget how to drive!

I’ve now replaced them both with something smaller and Italian – and have something to do with my left hand (more on this later)!

I’ll be honest, the Bentley was just not me. Bought with running improvements in mind, I kept it on SORN in the meantime and apart from having the MoT done, it was not the sort of prestigious car to do anything ‘on the cheap’ and thought of recovering my original outlay, let alone make a wee profit, made me decide to sell. Its new home is in Scotland where I can imagine her gliding around the grounds of a castle or two once restored.

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