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Austin Healey 100/6 & 3000

Austin Healey 100/6 & 3000 Published: 3rd May 2019 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Austin Healey 100/6 & 3000
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An excellent, cheaper alternative to any XK Jaguar and are easier to keep sweet

Why buy?


If ever there was a quintessential hairy-chested British sports car, the `Big Healey is it. There’s nothing like this brutish beauty when it comes to good old-fashioned driving fun.



Whichever model you go for there’ll be no shortage of grunt or grins. While the earlier 100/4s are highly sought after, also popular are the 100/6 and the 3000, especially the BJ8. With their beefy engines they’re very usable, but many feel the six-cylinder cars don’t handle as well as their four-cylinder predecessors because the latter come with a lighter lump up front.

What to pay


There’s no such thing as a cheap, big Healey any more, but the 100/6 is best bet for value and you can buy a usable one from around £50,000 but top 3000s are nudging five figures.

Body and chassis


The ladder-frame chassis is simple, but can be damaged with the slightest knock. Chassis corrosion is a problem – especially in the main rails and outriggers as they support the sills. Inner sills are structural and difficult to repair and too many. nice looking cars are anthing but.

Engine oil


consumption is fairly high – maybe as much as 250 miles per pint. On the move, oil pressure should be 45-50psi, dropping to 10-15psi at idle. Because the car sits so close to the Tarmac, the exhaust system grounds; 3000 MkIIIs had slightly more ground clearance than earlier versions.

Running gear

If overdrive is not working the chances are fault is electrical, rather than hydraulic or mechanical. Rear axles leak oil, which then seeps onto the rear brake linings. Front damper can work loose and lever arm dampers can leak. The cam and peg steering boxes fitted throughout production leak and if the steering feels loose on the move it’s probably because of worn kingpins.

Best model?

3000 Mk3

Worst model?

Any poorly restored

Budget buy?

3000 Mk1

Ok for unleaded?

No – you’ll need to use an additive

Spares situation?

Very good

Diy ease?

Like a big Morris Minor

Club support?


Appreciating asset?

Yes – with more to come

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