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Young Hearts Run Free

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Young Hearts Run Free
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Newcomers to classics need not fear that their youth will count against them. Kieran Mogg, himself an automotive adolescent, shows how to turn a dream into a reality

If you are part of the younger generation in the UK, you are essentially punished for being a car enthusiast. Any car with the slight bit of appeal is dragged out of your grasp by the money-grabbing insurance companies hellbent on ensuring we can’t enjoy the simple pleasure of an interesting car; £4000 for insurance on a 1.2 hatchback is the reality that most first-time insurers have to face and even a few years on, premiums can still cost more than the value of the car. Knowing this, classic cars seem like an aspiration from the land of fairytales, but are they? Could a younger person afford both the car and insurance on a budget? As it turns out, yes we can!

We have compiled a top 10 list of classic cars no newer than 1990 that can be purchased and insured in full for less than £10,000. Each of these cars has been picked purely for its appeal based on looks, the brand or the history of that particular car. Each insurance quote is based on a 21 year old male with two years’ no claims who works full time in retail. Standard working class area in the Midlands, 7000 annual miles, fully comprehensive and parked on a driveway. All prices have come from http://www.confused. com and all are correct as of May 2019.


Car price - £3000 Insurance as only car - £460 Insurance as second car - £550 Total price - £3460 (£3550)

One of MG’s most iconic cars, the MG BGT was designed by Pininfarina and offered the driver a surprisingly practical sporty car. It was truly revolutionary for the British brand and it has since become as much a collectors item as the Roadsters. We found top end cars going for over £20,000 and you can buy this for as little as £3000. We also looked into the roadster and found they started at just £4000, especially rubber bumper models. When looking into insurance, we received quotes starting from just £460 for using it as your only car. If you wanted it as a second car and had two years’ no claims on your main car with none left for this, then quotes start from a hardly exorbitant £550.

Triumph Spitfire 1500

Car price - £4000 Insurance as only car - £420 Insurance as second car - £480 Total price - £4420 (£4480)

With a chassis based on the Triumph Herald and a body designed in Italy, the original Triumph Spitfire 4 was a sight to behold. The magnificent piece of design was originally introduced in 1962. A new 1500cc engine was fitted for 1973 in the American and Canadian markets but 1975 for the rest of the world. This lustier unit was unreliable but with the torque increasing, it ironically made the car far more usable everyday. We found these cars started at £4000 and went up to £15,000. The insurance quoted was the cheapest of all the cars we are looking at. Quotes starting at £420 as an only car and £480 as a second car, this is a bargain that’s hard to ignore.

TVR S3 2.9 V6

Car price - £8000 Insurance as only car - £745 Insurance as second car - £950 Total price - £8745 (£8950)

The S3 was part of a movement that saved TVR from bankruptcy in the late 80s. Introduced in 1986, and styled upon toehold M Series (albeit with the better Tasmin chassis) the response was absolutely huge to the S1 receiving 250 pre-orders. Late into the S2 series but mainly from S3 models, the car received longer doors. These TVRs are notably rare today, just 2604 were produced between 1986 and 1994 making them a pretty exclusive classic. Prices we found online started at just £8000 but due to the TVR safety standards, insurance quotes started at £745 as the only car and £950 as a second car. While the insurance is quite a lot, it pays off when people ask “What do you drive?” and you can reply with “a TVR”.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

Car price - £8000 Insurance as only car - £810 Insurance as second car - £1110 Total price - £8810 (£9110)

No you didn’t misread that. Yes you can own your very own ‘Spirit Of Ecstasy’ with the car included for under our budget! The Silver Shadow was introduced in 1965 as a big leap forward from the previous model, the Silver Cloud. If you can, you’ll find the Shadow II the better driving care of a new suspension and rack and pinion steering although all are best suited for cruising. The Silver Shadow (as well as the identical Bentley T) starts at an amazing £8000 with one car insurance beginning at £810 and secondary car cover starting at £1110. Hardly beer money but, you get an early taste of a champagne lifestyle!

Morris Oxford

Car price - £7000 Insurance as only car - £560 Insurance as second car - £660 Total price - £7560 (£7660)

Arguably the best looking Morris model from the 60s and 70s, the Oxford had the Minor and Marina to contend with. While they are two very sought after cars within their owner clubs, the Oxford has the history that they don’t. Oxford began way back in 1913 with the Bullnose model and going through several reiterations until the final Series 6 model. When the Oxford finally came to the end of production, 208,823 had been produced. One of the most iconic cars in British motoring history is still often overlooked due to the Morris Minor and Morris Marina, but this results in better value plus there’s the posher MG, Riley and Wolseley offshoots. The final Oxford model can be purchased from £7000 and insurance for an only car can be found from £560 with secondary car cover starting at £660.

Bentley Mulsannes

Car price - £7000 Insurance as only car - £1215 Insurance as second car - £1730 Total price - £8215 (£8730)

While your friends are pootling around in their Fiestas, you can rock up in your very own, V8 Bentley. In the days of old, Bentley raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and this car pays homage to that history being named after the ‘Mulsanne Straight’. The S model brought out in 1987 was missing a turbocharger that its predecessor and sister models retained but comes with the tighter suspension. When looking at prices, the Mulsanne S began at £7000 but due to that big engine, insurance quotes are the highest on the list with cover for a sole car costing £1215 and a secondary car setting you back £1730 to insure. It’s a pretty packet, true, but you would be driving round in a Bentley from the days when Luxury was their only mindset.

Fiat 124 Sport Spider

Car price - £6500 Insurance as only car - £540 Insurance as second car - £650 Total price - £7040 (£7150)

Ever fancied a true Italian classic? Well the Fiat 124 is one of the best from Italy with its jaw-dropping, Pininfarina-designed looks and interior only the Italians could produce. Due to this, finding a good 124 under £10,000 is basically impossible. You may get lucky on a high milage model but the majority are projects. We found running and driving project cars from £6500. If you wanted to carry out a restoration you can get shells from £3000 and if in a good condition, they can sell for well over £20,000. When looking for insurance on the running and driving projects, only car cover started at £540 and second car cover began at £650 – not bad as majority are LHD. Yes there’s some work but you’d have your very own classic Italian roadster.

1987 Ford Capri 2.0

Car price - £9000 Insurance as only car - £739 Insurance as second car - £915 Total price - £9739(£9915)

What about a Ford Capri, the car your dad (or granddad) promised themselves 50 years ago? It is not exclusive but it’s just a great classic. The great looking coupé may be little more than a cuter Cortina but with engines spanning 1.3 to 3.0-litre there’s one for every pocket but overall,with an eye on running costs, the punchy Pinto 2-litre is a fine all rounder offering acceptable enough performance with good economy, more so if you find a Capri MK3 with a five-speed gearbox. We found this solidified classic for as cheap as £9000. Insurance for single car started at £739 and secondary car cover from £915.

Sunbeam 90

Car price - £7800 Insurance as only car - £530 Insurance as second car - £650 Total price - £8330 (£8450)

Originally launched in 1948 and known as the Sunbeam-Talbot 90, the model came in two variations; a four-door sports saloon and a two-door drop-head coupé. This car was revolutionary in the design of pillar-less rear windows. Just like many cars of that era, the doors open from the centre and normally a pillar would reside at the join between the door and window but they designed a pillar-less setup instead. For the Mark III, Sunbeam dropped the Talbot name to become the Sunbeam 90 Mk III. When looking online, we found the Mark III models starting from £7800 with only car insurance beginning at £530 and secondary cover from £650. Only 2250 were made making this an not only exclusive but also a wonderful example of motoring in the 50s.

1962 Rover P5 MKIA

Car price - £7750 Insurance as only car - £640 Insurance as second car - £730 Total price - £8390 (£8480)

Back from the golden age of Rover, the P5 took to the roads for the first time in September 1958. The ‘A Line’ was introduced in September 1961 with a minor styling change to the front windows adding a small section to the front quarter of the window. This new design only sat on the Mark I for a year before the Mark II came out in late 1962. The cars we looked at were from early 1961 thus being the last Mark Is available; the MkIa was in production, but the price wouldn’t show it and are rare finds. Slower but smoother than the V8 P5b (plus there’s manual transmission), P5s can go for as cheap as £7750 and only car insurance from £640 with secondary car cover beginning at £730.

So there we have 10 examples of classic cars for younger people – and there’s so many more. Each one with appeal in some form or another, whether you want sporty, luxury, history or just an older car, there’s plenty to choose from. There are plenty more on the market that you can get all-in-all for under £10,000, but from a 21 year old’s perspective, these seemed the most desirable. Let’s face it, would you rather a boring 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa or one of these classics? We know what we’d pick!

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