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Ford Various

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Ford Various
Ford Various
Ford Various
Ford Various
Ford Various
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Four classic Fords on our fleet – but, hey, who’s counting?

Car: Various Year: See text Owner: Alan Anderson

After driving the last Capri made (more of this in a later issue) it surprises us how many Fords Classic Motoring has on its ‘fleet’ having just added another Blue Oval.

Let’s start with the others first in order of time owned. The blue Zephyr 6 saloon has become a well known sight at shows and picked up the odd cup or two (we try to avoid bangers in Classic Motoring). To recap, this ex museum 8000 miles from new Mk3 was bought around a decade ago for £3000 and, apart from the inevitable re-commissioning to the running gear and a respray, has been very reliable and low cost to own with the only major problems perhaps being our doing when trying to fit an overdrive gearbox.

A couple of transmissions were tried; one jumped out of gear while the other, we suspect, had a Zephyr 4 overdrive. However, it’s all sorted now and worth having for quieter cruising. The car is totally stock save for a twin pipe Zodiac exhaust system, electronic ignition and an uprated radiator; the last two items we consider wise ‘mods’ on any classic no matter how original you wish to keep it.

We’ve had the ‘baby blue’ Mk1 Convertible for a couple of years now, again it’s been to many shows and drew much praise. A sound base for a project, it’s all pretty original apart from the new lovely paintwork.

The hood’s hydraulic system works fine and is pretty taut and leak free on the move. In fact, the only running problem encountered has been gummed up fuel lines; we think it’s due to old lead pellets fitted to combat valve seat recession. Doesn’t it look a great summer classic?

Yet another Zodiac came along last summer and a real rarity as it sports a D registration being made just months before the huge MkIV replacement surfaced in the spring of 1966. In fact, its correct original colour (it came to us in a faded maroon) was a MkIV hue never intended for Mk3s called Purbeck Grey that looks more like a beige, doesn’t it? To be honest, it’s not as good as the other pair it shares a driveway with but is solid, passes its MoT with ease and looks good. We’re not sure what to do with this one yet… The latest Ford on file is a classic case of a car that isn’t exactly a classic but because it’s been in the family since new is something that’s as prized as any Ferrari, not in the least because it was called a classic by Ford when new – a Sierra Sapphire Classic, that is! This model was the polar opposite to the Cosworth produced around the same time being a limited edition meaning it’s more exclusive.
More on this one later.

Vivé le difference

It’s always a bittersweet moment when you see one of your old classics again. On the one hand, it’s great to see the old thing still alive and well, but on the other, it can shame you if the car is so much better than when you owned it – like here. A reader got in touch recently wanting help with the paint code for his white Vauxhall Viva HB – which turned out to be my old Brahham which I owned 15 years ago (right). And still miss. And just to rub it in… he also sent this picture (right) showing just how wonderful it still looks after the expensive, extensive body restoration carried out by its next owner about a decade ago. Now it’s in the hands of the head of a Mitsubishi dealership in Scotland who drove all the way to Cornwall to buy it – that’s some trip – and who has improved it even further.

And talk about coincidences… the same classic specialist who traded it, about a decade ago (being part exchanged for a Cooper S), now has this 17,000 milesfrom- new estate which we featured a few months back – and at a considerably lower price than what it sold for at Race Retro in February, in the hands of another dealer…

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