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Ferrari Dino

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Ferrari Dino
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£160,000-£450,000+ - Amazing looks - Appreciating asset - Satisfying to own and drive

With its stunning looks, huge driver appeal and ever-rising values, the Dino is one of the most loved Ferrari models ever, no doubt aided by its starring role in the 1970’s TV series The Persuaders!. It was Enzo Ferrari’s first budget-priced production car, when it made its début at the ’67 Turin Salon – yet was considered too dear. Today, these delightful mid-engined sports cars sell for (on average) a quarter of a million pounds and the figure’s still fast rising!


Exhilarating, though not quite sensational, the driving experience in a Dino pivots around that gem of an engine. Free-revving and lively from about 3500rpm, the Dino hits 62mph in about seven seconds, if the engine is in good tune, which is fast but not furious in today’s terms.

The balance of this mid-engined machine feels just right with superbly light and responsive steering, limpet-like handling with no roll whatsoever. As Motor said in its 1971 road test: “When it comes to getting around corners the Ferrari Dino has all the advantages – and makes use of them,” although today it’s more about how the car feels rather than out-and-out handling abilities and grip from what’s now considered skinny tyres.

Best models

It depends whether you want the original stunning looking coupé or the sun-seeking GTS which came after, but the most fundamental thing to remember is the car’s condition. Dinos are notorious ‘rotters’: specialists say they see Dinos that have been badly repaired and restored over the years – some with up to five sills tacked over one another with layers of filler and paint slapped on. Indeed, it may be better to break the bank and buy the best you can from a reputable Dino expert, or – as a project – have it done right in the first place. Dinos are firmly collection items, unlike many other Ferraris. Ones to go for are the 206 (very early) or a very late ‘flairs and chairs’. models although all are highly wanted.


Once, fairly cheap, back in the pre-classic boom 80s they were sub ten grand buys and despite their steep raise in values until recently barn-find basket cases used to sell for less than £50,000. No more: good examples go for over £300K. It may sound exorbitant for something that was, once, not regarded as a real Ferrari and not exactly supercar-quick, but because of their rampant rust problems and unsympathetic restoration cases, with the Dino you get what you pay for. Perfect, RHD samples may go for £450K/£500K and good ones GT or GTS, for £350K but these figures can only be guides.

Buying advice

Most Dinos will have been restored by now and good thing too as they were badly built at the factory and rotted for Italy once out of the showrooms. You must always tread carefully buying any old Ferrari but more so with a Dino because it’s easy to let your heart rule your head and why a specialist inspection is vital. The sills are complex and that’s where the money goes. The interiors will have been restored by now as the ‘suede’ dash wears badly. The V6 can cost ten grand to rebuild and camshaft wear is common; oil pressure should be 85lbft! Clutches and weak second gears are common. There’s no such thing as a bargain with this beauty which is why you need experts, like GTB Restorations and Nick Cartright.


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