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Ferrari 308 & 328

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£28,000-£170,000+ - Dino heritage - Excellent handling - Values rising fast

Affordable, proper Ferrari ownership starts with the 308, according to fans and specialists. True, there are much cheaper Ferraris – like the 1980’s Mondial and 400 – but the 308 is what everyone expects a genuine Ferrari to be – and it doesn’t disappoint. The car shot to fame as detective Magnum’s transport in the famous US series, with its looks, muscular stance and that 250bhp V8 engine at the back. In 1985, a decade into production, the 308’s engine was bored out from 3-litres to 3.2 (hence the new name, the 328) for 270bhp. An all time great.


There will be few complaints by wannabe Dino owners, because the 308 is undoubtedly a better drive. The handling is as taut and tantalising as the looks suggest, the general ride isn’t as jarring as you might expect. Even though some have barely over 200bhp, the 308 remains an old-school powerful mid-engined car; expect from most cars a sprint to 60mph in seven seconds, though the 308i is slower but 20-25mpg is realistic.

The sonorous-sounding V8 has ample mid-range grunt; this Maranello mid-engined marvel, however, is not a car whose tail can hang out and forgive an average enthusiastic driver. Tall drivers will be penalised by the cabin’s height, cramped footwell and restricted seat travel. For a two-seater, it’s fairly roomy and civilised and the driving position (even on RHD UK cars) is good.

Best models

Cheap and good do not go well together, and this is true of all Ferraris too. Given the 308/328’s comparative rarity, condition counts more than the actual model. Fibreglass-bodied cars will always be in demand, and carry a premium. Wet sump carburettor cars are more valuable than injection versions. Both 308 and 328 models have recently gone up in desirability, especially the 328.

The 308 QVs are best value for money. Ferrari Specialist Nick Cartwright (01629 56999) says that the 308/328 range is plentiful on the UK market, but with a huge variety in condition, so his advice is to spend the time to find the right one. It is easy to find a RHD 328 though LHD ones change hands for two-thirds of their price.


Fibreglass-bodied cars are sought-after because they don’t rust (though the structure underneath will). In 2015, the most expensive Ferrari 328 to be sold at auction was £190K; the cheapest, a Ferrari 308, went for £35kK Somewhere in the middle, one can get a good example for around £70,000 although the better ones sell easily for six figures. QVs and early GTBis are at the bottom of the scale but certainly not languishing!

Buying advice

Condition counts for everything and given their relative rarity, don’t be choosy on colour or whether it’s a 308 or 328 – service history counts. If the plastic body is in poor shape, it’s as costly and as involved as metal to repair, although there’s rather more value in the finished product. A decent maintenance budget (£500/600) is required but service parts from experts like Superformance aren’t exorbitant.

Check the chassis frames and outriggers, particularly at the subframes – for rust and accident damage but the actual floorpan is fibreglass. Sills and the A posts are other rot-prone areas as are wing bottoms, doors and valances. Cars made after 1982 were zinc coated and so better protected. Engine is very strong, as long as it has been serviced regularly.


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