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Be ready for the driving season

13th Mar 2019

Be ready for the driving season Be ready for the driving season

Make sure your vehicle is ready for the driving season

April and May is traditionally the time when storage companies start to return the vehicles to their customers for the forthcoming driving season. Before you head off down the perfect country road there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

Mechanical check:
Your vehicle may have been sitting for a while (unless on a start / exercise package) and therefore it’s always wise to check the mechanical basics, brake pressures, tickover, lights, fluid top-ups & changes, roof function (if it’s a convertible,) tyre pressures, ancillary switches etc.

CarSafe can arrange for a basic pre-season mechanical check to get you off on the right foot / tyre!

You want to hit the road looking the best you can, so before the vehicle is collected, why not give the vehicle a wash & wax, detail, ceramic coating, paint correction, hood waterproofing or wheel refurbs plus a whole host of other options. All this will get your pride and joy looking the best it can and provide a layer of protection to help see you through the season.

We know you haven’t even got the vehicle back on the road yet, but here at CarSafe we were full this year and although we are creating more space and ordering new lifts to increase capacity for later in the year, reserving your space now is recommended.

Contact us today for details.

We hope your driving season is free of tractors and caravans! Tel: 01223 299011

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