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Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce

What was to become regarded as the “Best Car in the World” resulted from a meeting in May 1904, and the subsequent link-up, between the Hon. C.S. Rolls, who sold Panhards, and Henry Royce, who made electric cranes. A number of early models were built, but it was the 40/50hp, seven-litre, six cylinder ‘Silver Ghost’ of 1906 which really brought the Rolls-Royce concern to the fore, due to…

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Rolls Royce Carmargue

Fast Facts

  • Produced:
  • Bodywork:
    Two-door coupe
  • Engine:
    Overhead valve V8 6750cc

PAST: A curious and hardly elegant take of the Silver Shadow, Carmargue was a premium-priced low-roof coupe that was launched smack in the middle of a recession-hit Britain. Styled by Pininfarina and built by Mulliner Park Ward, the pedigree was impeccable but the visual effect was never there and the model lasted just a decade with only 531 made.

PRESENT: Despite its sporty looks and image the Rolls Carmargue is no more or less enjoyable to drive than the Corniche it’s based upon but car is roomier plus the usual comfort zones are there. Also sports twin-level air con, a feature which was carried over to later Rolls models.

FUTURE: Logically speaking the car’s rarity should ensure solid classic status yet prices haven’t reflected this yet. And watch out for repairs/resto costs but parts supply is usually okay. Carm

Rolls Royce Corniche

Fast Facts

  • Produced:
  • Bodywork:
    Two-door saloon and two-door convertible
  • Engine:
    Overhead valve 6750cc
  • 0-60 mph:
    10 sec
  • Top Speed:
    120+ mph
  • MPG:

Past: Introduced in 1971 this sleeker Shadow was initially available in fixed head two-door guise or cultured drophead. The Corniche replaced the previous two-door Shadow line up (identified by straight rather than ‘coke-bottle’ swept flanks) which ran until then but from 1981 to 1995 only the convertible was offered by which time more power, fivespeed autos and adaptive suspension was fitted.

Present: The ultimate Shadow yet prices remain close to those of the saloon. Of course, this Rolls is more about smooth progress rather than vulgar ‘go’ and on the limit handling (but latter can be improved easily) and the Corniche really impresses when you’re cruising along just watching the world go by.

Future: As Shadows rise in value then expect to see the gap between Corniche widen significantly. So buy one now! Dropheads most desired, coupes the better value.

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