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Ferrari 308/328

Ferrari 308/328

Peter Vaughan

Almost a dozen years ago, I was about to fulfil a life’s ambition, one that I had almost given up on. In the late 1980s, I remember my sister asking me just what I wanted out of life. The answer was simple, a Ferrari! At that stage I had neither a house nor a partner and the prancing horse dream seemed pie in the sky, with prices spiralling out of control during those Thatcher boom…

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Ferrari 308GTB, GTS

Ferrari 308/328


8 / 10

PRICE: £23,000-£30,000

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Fast Facts

  • Produced:
    1976-81 (2897 GTB, 3219 GTS made)
  • Bodywork:
    Gran Turismo Berlinetta (GTB) or Spyder (GTS)
  • Engine:
    2927cc Transverse mid-mounted 90° V8 light alloy cylinder block and head two valves per cylinder twin overhead camshafts per cylinder bank
  • 0-60 mph:
    6.5-7.5 secs
  • Suspension:
    Independent double wishbone coil springs/ Independent double wishbone coil springs
  • Power:

Past: The 308 GTB made its debut at the Paris and London shows back in 1975. Built to Pininfarina’s design by Scaglietti, it retained the 308 GT4’s V8, albeit now with dry sump lubrication. The first models boasted fibreglass coachwork. An especially attractive line and top class performance guaranteed early success for this fine car that was a vast improvement on the GT4. The 308 open-topped GTS was developed in collaboration with Pininfarina in 1977. The chassis was specially reinforced to compensate for the lack of a full roof. Some 712 fibreglass/2185 steel models made. (UK: 154 fibreglass/211 steel) and 3219 GTSs (UK: 184).

Present: Many regard it as the true replacement for the old Dino as it evoked similar praise but with much more go. A good one is still a gem.

Future: Another 70’s Ferrari that’s fab value, but watch for ratty examples.

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