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Chevrolet has been America’s top selling and best known marque within General Motors for generations, and as quintessentially Uncle Sam and Stars and Stripes as it’s possible to get.

Paradoxically, Louis Chevrolet was actually Swiss born at La Chaux de Fonds, Neuchatel on Christmas Day 1878, the son of a watch and clockmaker Josef Chevrolet. The family moved to its native…

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Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

PRICE: £7000 - £25,000

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A sporting 2+2 Pony car coupe available in both hardtop and convertible which was Chevy’s response to Ford’s Mustang, which acquitted itself rather well in the era of the muscle-car wars. It was the time when long bonnets, short deck lids and ever increasing power ruled the streets. Camaros featured SS and RS packages which centered around heavy-duty suspension and trim and the Z/28 was the ‘Hot’ model in terms of power, performance and handling. First generation cars were only built for two years, with the second generation launched in 1970. A new body with fastback styling and the convertible discontinued, the Camaro in this form would remain virtually unchanged minor facelifts excepting for the next 12 years. Engine options ranged from a 250ci straight-six through 307ci V8, 350ci V8 to a 396ci V8 rated at 375bhp. The Z/28 remained top of the range through 1977 - 1981 with an even better handling car thanks to beefed up suspension and a 350ci V8 with a whole host of power options ranging from 170bhp – 190bhp and silky smooth gear changes with Turbo Hydramatic transmission.

Chevrolet Bel-Air

Chevrolet  Bel-Air

PRICE: £15,000 -£50,000

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Introduced in 1950 the Bel-Air reached its zenith with the models produced in 1955, 1956 and 1957 also colloquially referred to as the Tri-Chevs, which nowadays enjoy a cult following and are the most collectable. Two-tone paintwork was very much in vogue during the period and worked particularly well with the ’55 and ’56 models, the former easily identified by its ‘eggcrate’ styled front grille. 1956 cars received a slightly revised frontal aspect and engine options included the 235cistraight-six, 265ci V8 and the 282ci V8, with either three speed manual or fussier two-speed Power glide automatic transmission. Underpinnings comprised of a brand new tubular chassis, upper and lower A-arm front suspension with coils springs and a live axle to the rear with semi elliptic leaf springs. The 1957 Bel-Air sports fi ns ‘n’ chrome styling and many of the accoutrements seen in much larger cars such as the Cadillac. An anodized metal ribbed panel was neatly moulded into the rear quarter panel and the fuel filler cap was hidden away behind the nearside tail fin. The 283ci V8 was also available with fuel injection but at a hefty $500 extra didn’t find many takers!

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