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Alvis was founded by T. G. John, a skilled and respected engineer who, amongst other projects, was involved in the design of submarines. His first business was T.J. John Ltd (1917-21) starting with motor bikes and scooters before manufacturing his first car. The name Alvis placed in a winged trianlge was found to be the copyright of the Avro Aeroplane Co, so the wings were removed and the triangle…

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Alvis TC-TF

Alvis TC-TF


7 / 10

PRICE: TC/TD saloon: £2500 - £10,000; TC/TD convertible: £5500 - £15,000; TE/TF saloon: £3500 - £11,500; TE/TF convertible: £6000+ - £17,000+

Fast Facts

  • Produced:
  • Bodywork:
    Two-door sports, saloon, convertible
  • Engine:
    Overhead valve, in-line six-cylinder. 2993cc TC108G/early TD21: 105bhp; Later TD (later Series I/Series II): 115bhp TE21 (Series III): 130bhp; TF21 (Series IV): 150bhp
  • 0-60 mph:
    TC108G/TD21: 14 sec; TE21: 12.5 sec; TF21: 11.5 sec
  • Top Speed:
    TC108G/TD21: 103 mph; TE21: 108 mph; TF21: 120 mph
  • MPG:

PAST: Elegant, charming and quintessentially British sports saloons and convertibles these cars had their roots in the company’s 1950 TA21. In 1955 Alvis launched the new TC108G sports saloon, employing the chassis from the Grey Lady, clothed in sleek bodywork designed by the Swiss coachbuilders Graber, and built in England by Willowbrook. From 1958, revised versions (TD21) were produced, with Park Ward bodywork. The 1962 Series II TD21 featured disc brakes all round and restyled lamps, plus a five-speed ZF gearbox. The more powerful Series III TE21 arrived in 1963, with novel ‘stacked’ quadruple headlamps, followed in 1966 by the revised TF21.

PRESENT: Feeling much like a DB2 but larger and more a cruiser, there’s also a bit of Bentley character for good measure. Not fast but adequate with effective disc brakes.

FUTURE: At too long in the wilderness prices are starting to climb. Specialist Red Triangle provides great support.

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