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Triumph Stag

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Triumph Stag
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This ‘British Mercedes SL’ had it all back in the 1970s, save for reliability that is but 46 years on, Triumph’s Stag has never been a better buy thanks to continued, development by a growing army of specialists and a fantastic owners’ club.


Stags are so satisfying – once sorted. It’s no sports car mind, but more suited to long distance jaunts, especially in tallgeared overdrive mode.


Scruffy ‘Snags’ still start from as low as £3000 but will be a veritable money pit or a badly bodged Rover V8 convert and both are best avoided. Decent examples sell between £5000-£9000, while truly nice ones now sell for £15,000 upwards from Stag specialists. Once favoured non standard V8 converts are worth up to 25 per cent less.


Rust can be rampant; Mk2s worst due to thinner steel. Sills and floors are badly hit. Outriggers, jacking points,, subframe supports, front and rear valances are also rotters as are slam panels and the A posts.


Overheating remains biggest worry. Timing chains and tensioners need changing regularly or or they’ll stretch and strip with dire consequences.


Biggest worry concerns the quill shaft housing; is it okay because if it breaks serious damage will be done. Driveshafts wear as do hub bearings. Modern driveshafts can remove famous ‘Triumph twitch’ under power. Clutches are TR6 and can give trouble so check. Non operating overdrive is usually lack of oil or an electrical fault such as wiring or switch but most are autos and are reliable in service. Jag XK8 auto unit adds welcome ‘overdrive’ and may be fitted.

BEST MODEL? Original with man/o/d
WORST MODEL? Poor engine conversions
BUDGET BUY? Automatic
OK FOR UNLEADED? Needs additive
SPARES SITUATION? Generally very good
DIY EASE? No problems
CLUB SUPPORT? Simply superb
APPRECIATING ASSET? Good ones soaring

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