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Now that the hard part is over, all you need to do is ensure that your cherished classic doesn’t attract the wrong sort of attention…

The last thing you want to happen to your perfected prized project is for it to come to any harm – and yet many enthusiasts believe that simply locking it away in their garage is good enough all year round security. Well, it’s not.

Security doesn’t only mean shielding it away from prying eyes, but also keeping it in the superb condition you lovingly restored it back to. Things can happen in any garage so you should cover that body beautiful up to prevent accidental damage – but don’t simply use old blankets or – worse still – a cheap plastic sheet as it will cause the body to ‘sweat’ and lead to micro-blistering of that expensive new paint job resulting in another unwanted expenditure.

Keep the outhouse tidy, making sure any items on the shelves can’t fall on your classic by being too overloaded (we’re all guilty over this-ed). Attend to defective roofing and leaks but don’t fret too much over some odd draughts as these can provide much needed ventilation – especially if you have a simple prefab lock up. If you’ve got any old carpet and underlay, make good use of it by lining the garage floor to keep the heat in and the damp contained.

There’s a good range of inexpensive car covers, starting from £50, designed for the job with the more pricier alternatives tailor-made for specific classics. The ultimate are dedicated air bubbles which seal the car in a special protective environment (such as Carcoon, Airflow Cair-o-Port and Permabag); these ‘additional’ garages cost from as little as a few hundred pounds and some types can also be used outside.

In fact, if you suffer from a damp garage, then your car is perhaps best kept outside in natural air – or invest in a dehumidifier. All air contains moisture and as it cools to reach the ‘dew point’ any steel object below this, gathers condensation meaning rusting will start along with the formation of mould and so on.

Basically, they work like a fridge in reverse; sucking in the air from the garage and taking out the moisture into a built-in reservoir. Running costs are said to be as low as 5p an hour. You can buy a basic unit for around £100 and for what it is protecting, is certainly money well spent. Better still, if you have the space and capital, is to have a special all singing and dancing air bubble which protects the vehicle at the same time.

If your classic is stored away from the house with no power to run a dehumidifier then close all windows and air vents, but open up regularly to allow fresh air to circulate and ward off mildew.

Theft is becoming an ever increasing major worry so consider installing a good alarm system along with CCTV which you can view from a smart phone. Again, if your classic resides in a private parade of lock ups, speak to an alarm expert on how best to protect your classic and consider fitting a tracker device.

Don’t scoff at employing some simple steps to beat the thief. Removing the battery and fitting a steering clamp are certainly strong deterrents but if the authorities (or Police and Fire Brigade) have to quickly move your vehicle before you arrive, then damage will certainly occur. Lastly, ensure that you have the correct level of insurance protection.

Take security seriously

Professional protection

If you have the money, and feel that your car deserves a bit extra, have a professional storage company look after it especially during the winter months. A good outfit will let you take it out whenever and keep it maintained

Portable protection

Have you ever considered a makeshift garage on your driveway? There’s many types around and while they’re for simply parking and storage, they are effective enough in keeping the worst at bay plus you can supplement with a car cocoon

Security? it’s in the bag…

Even the best of lock ups need a little extra and a car cocoon provides that, particularly over the winter months as it adds another layer of anti-theft protection as well as warding off winter woes. Some possess ‘doors’ to gain quick access

Five top tips


Long term lay ups, such as over the winter months, require a full day’s servicing and preparation to ensure your classic doesn’t deteriorate; don’t simply lockup, feet up and forget about it

Clean living

Never put your classic away wet and dirty. Some owners like to give their vehicle a good pre-winter polish; we don’t hold this view and certainly do not advise cutting the old paint back with a compound because that old layer actually acts as a valuable zero-cost protective shield

Legal issues

Don’t let your insurance lapse even if you are not going to use your car. Most good classic car insurers can provide short term or storage cover. And remember, that if the road tax runs out (even if ‘tax free’) you must inform the DVLA and register the car as being off road (SORN)

Fuel for thought

There’s divided opinion over what to do with the fuel and the fuel tank as unleaded can go ‘off’ if left dormant but an empty one can be prone to attract condensation. A fair compromise is to leave it half full, and to add a gallon or two of the fresh stuff when you are about to bring the car out of its storage. There’s also a range of special additives such as Tank Safe which keeps internal rust at bay

Club together

Inactivity is a real classic car killer. Just like their owners, regular exercise is the best policy to keep your pride and joy fit and healthy. So, the weather permitting, wake it from its slumber and go for a bit of a run to blow those cobwebs away (and that goes for you too-ed!)


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