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Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Published: 3rd May 2019 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
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Still the dream car for many of us yet such posh metal is affordable and manageable

Why buy?

For many, it still remains one of the best cars ever made, and the good news is that this classic is both affordable and surprisingly easy to buy and own plus is classier than Silver Spirits.


To be frank, the real satisfaction comes from owning rather than driving these mobile status symbols. The earliest are wallowy and soggy but post 1976 cars boast rack and pinion steering and other worthy mods and are quite nice to drive with flair.

What to pay

These cars could be picked up very cheaply about a decade ago but now values are rising for really good ones with a proper service history. A pristine early Shadow of 1976 vintage costs more than £30,000 and you can add another 50 grand for a Corniche. Bentley or Rolls-Royce? It appears that the prices are much the same for the saloons but if anything you can expect to pay a touch more for the Bentley versions due to their rarity.


Although over half a century old, Shadows are still complex cars and not for the average DIYer as special tools are demanded. However, thanks to their workmanship, they are a pleasure to work on and the RREC is of massive help. Ever been in one, let alone drive one? Try out as many as possible to set a datum.


Block’s iron lines to contract and squeeze the pistons resulting in a knocking sound. Fitting new ones isn’t a DIY job as the block has to be heated up. Don’t be alarmed to find a oil smeared engine as they are prone to leak a bit.


This is the most complex part of any Roller. It is recommended that the system is fully overhauled every 90,000 miles and fluid every four years costing at least £2000.

Running gear

A heavy car, weighing in at almost 5000lbs, it takes its toll on the suspension and steering so expect replacements.

Best model?

Shadow II/T2

Worst model?

Anything bodged

Budget buy?

Mid 70’s cars

Ok for unleaded?


Spares situation?

Very good

Diy ease?

Not bad at all

Club support?

Especially good

Appreciating asset?


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