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Plan of Action

Plan of Action Published: 23rd Mar 2016 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Plan of Action
Plan of Action
Plan of Action
Plan of Action
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Here’s some wise words and advice from those that did...

Restoring a classic, be it a simple Morris Minor or a complex Maserati, is not something you should take on lightly. Those lovely concours cars you find at shows have probably taken years of blood, sweat and tears and, in some cases, a divorce! Classic car renovation isn’t a short-term thing, and is a world away from simply servicing or repairing a daily driver so you can get to work on Monday!

So before you take the plunge, sit down and think carefully about the project you propose, what you can or can’t do at home, how much time and money you can spend – and whether you can see it through to the end – believe us only the strong survive in this hobby!

Don’t think of a DIY resto simply as a means to save money because it probably won’t. A good rule is to calculate a budget and then double it! In financial terms the absolute novice is better invariably off buying one partly or all ready done by other enthusiasts who have lavished lots of time and money on their personal quests only to give up, sell at a loss or start another one.

There are three types of restorations: light, involved and basket case although it mostly depends on your levels of skill, experience and above all else – enthusiasm and dedication for the task


Auctions are good places for restoration bargains, but remember you have to get the car home which will mean a trailer as a towrope is unsafe and usually technically illegal. Vehicle transportation companies will help but the cost of getting your project home could run into hundreds of pounds, so don’t forget to budget for it.

Private sales are the most popular route. You get to meet the owner and can get a feel of the car and the seller. Ask why he or she is giving up when they could easily finish the car. When buying privately barter over the price and bid low. Check to see if any spares are included – after all, if they are getting rid of the car, they don’t need the spares, do they – and see that a V5 document is included.

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