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Morris Minor

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Morris Minor
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Not just a car, more a way of life for their owners and super simple to look after

Why buy?


The ‘British Beetle’? is, as ever, utterly classless, full of character, practical and pragmatic. As such, Minors make a brilliant choice as a first-time classic and an ideal first car for learner drivers. Don’t overlook the larger, roomier, more upmarket Riley 1.5 or Wolseley 1500 which offer more power and luxury for less money.



The Minor proves that you don’t need Porsche-like power to have fun and the Morris’s crisp handling teaches you all about rear-wheel drive control at a walking pace. The overlooked Wolseley and sportier twin carb Riley alternative are much the same but have MG Magnette power and are more relaxing on open roads.

What to pay


The most desirable as well as practical Minors are the 1000 Traveller and Tourer; £6000-£9000 are typical outlays for a presentable but not concours cars. Saloons are £5000 buys, yet the superior Riley and Wolseley off shoots are at least £1000 cheaper.



Possible to convert a saloon into a drop-top and pass off as genuine cars. Woodwork on Travellers is structural and compromise integrity of the body. You can have a ‘new’ Minor made by the likes of Charles Ware’s Morris Minor Centre to your own spec – could be a cost effective move in the long run instead of a full on restoration.

Running gear


Front trunnions and swivel pins wear out. At the rear, see the leaf springs are ok especially their mountings. Brake master cylinder lives inside the chassis rail, consequently suffers. Car stalls when clutch is disengaged? It could be down to excessive crankshaft thrust washer wear, meaning a full engine stripdown.

Body and chassis

Terminal rot can be well hidden… in particular the floors, inner wings and suspension legs, sills, bulkheads and so on. The good news is that replacement panels are readily available although some repairs can be involved.

Best model?


Worst model?

Anything ratty

Budget buy?

Saloons or Wolseley 1500

Ok for unleaded?

Needs additive

Spares situation?


Diy ease?


Club support?

Can’t be bettered

Appreciating asset?

Only good ones

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