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Morgan Plus 8

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Morgan Plus 8
Morgan Plus 8
Morgan Plus 8
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Morgan’s Plus 8 is one of the most instantly recognisable classics you can buy on account of the fact that it’s been on sale forever – well, for almost 50 years – yet while the Plus 8 has been usefully updated over the decades, where it matters, what hasn’t changed is the car’s innate charm and that unique driving experience of a thundering V8 in a vintage chassis that demands a driver in the mood for a Morgan. And that’s an important point to remember.


The newer the Plus 8 the more civilised it became. A Rover gearbox came along in 1972, with five-speeds four years later while, for 1977, the car was made larger resulting in a roomier cockpit. Fuel injection replaced carbs in 1981 and three years later a stonking 190bhp was served up, but this was eclipsed in 1990 when the engine was enlarged to 3.9-litres.


Most Morgans, even the four-cylinder versions (that shouldn’t be discounted-ed) are exhilarating to drive because they offer a pretty antiquated driving experience that’s totally different to the majority of old classics and this includes XK Jags and TRs. The Plus 8 can take a lot of taming in the wet thanks to crude suspension and the ride is always rodeo-like as a result but what you get in return is supercar-like pace and the thrill of really working at the wheel – there’s no free rides with this Morgan!


Even the experts and Plus 8 fans admit that early pre-’72 cars, with their heavy gearbox, can be hard work and for Plus 8 die-hards only; the 1976 upgrade with the SD1 fivespeed gearbox is worth having as is the roomier cockpit a year later. The later the car the better, more civilised made they became and with nicer appointments but pre-1981 carb-fed cars are simpler to maintain at home.


Change just for the sake of it has never been Morgan’s production philosophy and part of the Plus special charm has been its step-back-in-time looks, feel and driving experience. And these factors remain as true today as it did back in 1968 when the car was launched. When somebody says they don’t make ’em like they used to, tell them to have a go in a Plus 8!

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