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Because nothing on this planet drives quite like a Mini. They really are like go-karts, and while the power output is tiny that’s because it doesn’t need much power to put a grin the size of Cheshire on your face. Minis are also easy to store, by dint of their size, easy to service, easy to get parts for and cheap to own.

They’re also an appreciating asset and – if you buy the right one at the right time – you could run your Mini for less than the increase in its value.



There’s a Mini for everyone. Early pure Mk1s are charming, the hotted up Coopers and Coopers Ss are a riot, and for those on a smaller budget, the 70’s and 80’s models offer all the same thrills for a fraction of the price, as do the Rover Coopers of the 1990s. With the amount of modified cars out there already, you don’t even need to spoil an original car to create your own perfect interpretation of what it means to be Mini. Other picks would be the slightly pompous Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet, and the refreshingly honest Clubman estate. Both turn heads at Mini shows for being a bit different, and both offer all the fun of a standard Mini.



Never has a car felt quite so planted. The genius of Mini is that it embodies everything Colin Chapman was so keen on – it’s simple, it’s compact, and it’s light. This means it corners perfectly, and it’s easy to keep on the boil despite the tiny amount of power. They might ride in a bouncy way courtesy of the rubber cones or Hydrolastic suspension, but that’s all part of the charm of Mini. Ultimately, it’s a car that makes you smile whenever you get behind the wheel, regardless of your age or what car you’re used to driving.



There are several Mini specialists whose job it is to make parts easy and cheap to buy. You could build a brand new Mini from parts, such is the availability, and nothing’s expensive. They’re small and frugal too, with cheap service parts and a miserly attitude toward fuel. They’re tiny too, so you needn’t throw away all the rubbish in your garage to get the car in, and as four seaters they’re useful enough to use every day. There are few classics easier to live with than a Mini – despite their rusty reputation.



There’s a reason Minis are popular, and it’s not just because so many were made. It’s a classic car that makes sense on so many levels, and it will make you and everybody else smile to boot. You cannot be angry in a Mini – they should prescribe them on the NHS.

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