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Maserati Bora

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Maserati Bora
Maserati Bora
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Bora is a north eastern wind and one of the most powerful of its kind, strong enough to knock you over; the Maserati of the same name will bowl you over with its Ferraribeating performance – but be equally quick as this once overlooked, most technically advanced supercar is going up in value and respect but for not much longer we predict.


V8 powered, the Bora is a true 70’s supercar that was up with any compatible Lambo or Ferrari and far more refined than any of them. With a 42/58 per cent weight split, the Bora was praised for its natural, easy-going handling although the Citroën DS hydraulics (the French car maker now owned the Italian specialist by then) used to power its sensitive brakes and steering systems need acclimatising to. However, there’s some real pedigree to this car with thanks to Giulio Altieri, the man who designed the 250F racer Fangio drove to GP victories, also adding his expert knowledge to chassis development.


Best models

There’s two, relating to their engine sizes; initially a 4.7-litre V8 (coming from the Indy 2+2 Coupé) before being enlarged to 4.9-litres for ’74 with the engine taken from the Ghibli, although there’s scant difference on the road between them. Less than 550 Boras were made during an eight year production run that saw the company closed down and subsequently acquired by De Tomaso.



Up until a couple of years ago Boras were some of the cheapest supercars on the block but that’s sharply changed and now £200K is on the cards for top vehicles with £50,000 netting a doable, albeit highly expensive, project. Reckon on £100- £150K for the majority of vehicles you’ll find and it’s certainly a car to buy from a good specialist for peace of mind.


Buying advice

There’s a reasonable number of US and European cars for importing and spares aren’t too bad at all. UK specialists of note include Bill McGrath (, and Maserati itself via its Classiche line and general Italian specialists like GTB Restorations.

Rust, understandably, is an issue so check for past repairs, many may be poorly done due to their previously lowly values. The roof is stainless and the engine cover double-glazed so check both thoroughly.

The Citroën hydraulics employed is a mix of good and bad; the former because the major systems are as old as the hills and also well known to Citroën specialists and easily fixable but certain others – such as the quirky seat and pedal adjustment – may not be working too well and require expert knowledge.


Make it a Merak

Little brother to the Bora, Merak came out in 1974; this time using major Citroën SM mechanicals including its now tuned V6 that rarely cut the mustard (remember Top Gear? However, with 1820 made, they’re more than half the price of a Bora and just as much fun, more so the faster SS versions.

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