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Jaguar MK2

Jaguar MK2 Published: 25th Jan 2019 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Jaguar MK2
Jaguar MK2
Jaguar MK2
Jaguar MK2
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Sixty years on from its launch, the Mk2 is as desirable as ever and is not only a driver’s delight but the Jaguar is also a bit of a pussy cat when it comes to maintaining at home thanks to simple mechanics and ease of parts and specialists. You can also turn yours into a bit of a scalded cat as you’ll discover by turning the page…


Costly to properly execute, but all that you need to restore the interior is available but when buying used remember that the Daimler and S-type have their own style of door trims, seats and so on


Can overhaul in situ, although it’s not easy. Over silent tappets suggest they require reshimming; twin with a decoke. Timing chains need sump off but can be attached to old and ‘pulled through’

Front suspension

Watch when selecting new springs as Daimler/ S-type ones will give the wrong ride height and spoil handling. Wear in front swivels can be re-shimmed out. When renewing bushes opt for durable ‘poly’ types

Bottom end

Oil pressure needs to be 35lb @3000rpm; usage can be high so use 20W/50. Leaks are common, especially at the rear crank oil seal. It’s a major job – best keep level between ‘min-max’ to lessen it


Manuals suffer from usual ills, but lazy change may be livened up by using modern oils. Overdrive gripes normally stem from duff electrics. A clutch change beyond scope of majority of DIYers

Body & chassis

A rotter that’s pricey to fix, regularly pressurewash underside and overdo things with Waxoyl. Main areas are ‘crows’ feet up front’, all box sections and bulkheads, inner wings, doors, sills and floors


Trick when adjusting handbrake is to disconnect cable and adjust play at the brake calliper using a four thou feeler gauge (between the pad and disc) before attempting to tackle at cable end

Rear axle

Mainly silent and strong – it’s the location which has been known where age and wear can cause it to move about and alter rear wheel alignment. Odd tyre wear and funny handling are clues here

Rear suspension

A simple ’50’s leaf design that can be improved in the usual manner with uprated spring/dampers plus poly bushes, although ride and refinement suffers. As at the front, springs settle with age

Top mod

Over the page you can read about the new coil spring conversion kit from SNG Barratt although the company has been marketing it for a good number of years. The chief differences are that its replacement is easier to fit needing much less installation welding ( only two brackets) and so can be reversed if need be. Also, SNG has been able to team it with specially tailored Gaz dampers and poly bushing

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