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Ford Model T

Ford Model T Published: 1st Jun 2016 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Ford Model T
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So much more than a mere Ford – cheaper than an escort!


Until the VW Beetle surpassed it, for decades the Model T was the best selling automobile of all time and 108 years since launch remains hugely popular with a cottage industry of specialists both sides of the pond thus keeping the Tin Lizzie alive and well. With its fantastic owner support, the Mode T is an ideal V&V starter classic.


With over 27million made there’s an estimated 100,000 remaining, so there’s something for you and your pocket! A vast range of bodies range from the minimalist T with a very basic hood to commercial trucks and even special military models featuring flanged wheels so to work on certain railway lines. Changes made over the years could fill this issue alone; essentially, the newer the car the more civilised it became – and they not always came in black either.


Driving a Model T is like nothing else, even for such an oldie, because it demands a totally different driving style. You change gears (just two of them) with your left foot, the centre pedal engages reverse, while what is now the accelerator is the brake; the throttle is on the steering wheel! Top speed is less than 50mph so any jaunts will be leisurely ones – and what’s wrong with that?


Sheer weight in numbers keeps prices down to some of the cheapest you’ll find – from around £5000 as a starting point although rarer and nicer examples easily cost double, such as a Tourer. You’ll find many customised models if that takes your fancy, best speak to the owners’ club first: and specialists Truckett Bros based in Bucks.


It’s like the Mustang but older and you can build a new one – as Ford recently did – from scratch; even in the UK parts supply is brilliant as is specialist support – try T Service of Oxfordshire (01869 351006) who says it’s a rugged vehicle and wood as against body rot is more a concern. Also watch for very noisy engines warn specialists as an engine rebuild can cost £4000 – as much as another project vehicle. Clutches stick; T Service has a modded type that makes driving easier.


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