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Citroen 2CV

Citroen 2CV Published: 29th Oct 2018 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Citroen 2CV
Citroen 2CV
Citroen 2CV
Citroen 2CV
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Want some extra fun or usability from your classic? Then here’s our top tips

The Citroen 2CV is proof positive that being frugal can also be fun. A cult economy car they provide more smiles per mile than anything else plus not only is there a good spread of specialists but you can even race yours (, where only strict uprating is allowed to contain costs. While we are majoring on the 2CV much of this feature applies to the spin-off Dyane and Ami derivatives


Make sure the heads aren’t leaking; there are no gaskets and the heads have to be lapped in to seal them. A small amount of oil weeping is okay and It’s usual for the engine to sound clattery, as the tappets aren‘t set tightly while biggest noise is harmless piston slap.


2CVs and Dyanes sport fabric roofs which split and shrink but new one costs £170 or so – you can change colour if you like. Simplistic trim is no hardship to replace; seat coverings suffer the worst but can be recovered with original coverings for under £200.


12 volts from 1970 – are super simple and generally, save age, poor earths and water ingress into the workings and lamps is common . Electronic ignition (such as the well known 123 type) is said to make a big difference to pep and general running.


Post-1981 models sport front disc brakes. Cars with front drums often neglected as its a pain getting at the brakes. Drum handbrakes use the normal shoes, so are very powerful if adjusted up; disc handbrakes are inferior at the best of times, however.


Heavy steering can be due either to a twisted chassis (not unknown) or more likely seized kingpins, replacement is best left to a specialist. If the steering wobbles as you drive over a bump, a new arm at the front wheel hub is needed; a cheaper fix.


The first thing to give trouble is normally third gear. A rebuilt ‘box is around £475. If the gearchange is stiff, it’s due to bushes at the base of the lever. Slop and excess movement can be due to the bushes on the link between the two – it’s cheap to fix.


By the time it’s visible outside, it’s very bad. Check seatbelt mount, box under the rear seat, boot floor, too. The sills rot readily. Floors are easy to replace, body on or off. 2CV Shop sells new body shells at under £5500 or £6462 painted up in Citroën colours.


A new galvanised chassis for around £500 or a better, and stiffer type for £550 from Ken Hanna (01757 638469); pre-’84s generally last longer. If you want to make your tin snail look sporty then you can fit a front spoiler less than £30 from 2CV City.

Top tips…

If you like the idea of a 2CV but don’t want such an oldie, then it’s as well to remember that a number of specialists sell ‘remade’ cars which are as new as you can get and built to your own spec (Try The 2CV Shop info@ and 2CV City for full details). Not exactly cheap at over ten grand, depending where you shop, when most 2CVs sell for around £3000- 5000… but as prices are on the rise perhaps it’s worth it if you intend to keep yours for decades and pass it down the family line?

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