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Citroen 2CV

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Citroen 2CV
Citroen 2CV
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The 2CV is one of those rare classics where it’s not so much a car but a way of life – sometimes for life. But before the eco warriors got hold of this Citroën it was for a long time liked for its pennywise practicality – the well earned character aspect came much later. It depends what you want from a 2CV; they can make a logical commuter car, family hack and school run special as much as a fun and frugal classic.


The 42-year history of the 2CV can be extremely confusing but suffice to say that although the Deux Chevaux that finally left the production line in 1990 was a more powerful and far more comfortable vehicle than the Citroën displayed at the 1948 Paris Salon, it was still virtually the same car. The best models are post 1976 and preferably models from 1990 where front disc brakes and hydraulic front dampers to match the rears were fitted. Worthy offshoots of the 2CV are the larger Ami and Dyane ranges which were marketed in the UK since 1967. The Dyane ran up to 1985 while the Ami’s last hurrah was the Super of 1972, powered by a perky 1015cc air-cooled engine taken from the GS, making the Ami a genuinely quick Q Car for its day.


Three cars but one of the same. Even though progress is relaxed, it’s easy to maintain fair speed in this trio as you whizz round country bends in confidence – even if it’s somewhat alarming for onlookers who will assume that the car is about to become inverted!

Those hilarious cornering antics are courtesy of an ultra-soft suspension, which gives these Citroëns their fabulous ride. To go with that is an amount of grip you wouldn’t have thought possible from such narrow tyres – some mountain bikes have wider tyres than these Citroëns! The 602cc is sluggish but okay on faster roads once wound up but overtaking needs a lot of of road – and forward thinking! – while the odd dash-mounted gear lever also needs familiarising with yet second nature once you’re used to it. Unlike the Renault 4, a full length fabric sunroof is standard.


Smiles per mile won’t come any cheaper. Apart from excellent diesel-like economy, spares and repairs are also inexpensive. However, while the car was designed for DIY maintenance, some jobs can be a bind and need special tools. Far from being cheap bangers, 2CVs are sought after with prices now exceeding five figures for top ones and there’s a handful of specialists who not only repair and service them, but will also build a new one to your spec so you virtually have a brand new classic. For example, if you’ve got a car that’s in fair nick, 2CV City treat it to a partial rebuild for anywhere between £7000 and £8000.


Like all good classics, the Citroén 2CV is completely classless and owned for what it is rather than merely as a style or status statement. We particularly like the Dyane however, over the 2CV, for its added roominess and even more practicality.


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