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BMW 1500-2000

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BMW 1500-2000
BMW 1500-2000
BMW 1500-2000
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With the ‘02’ range celebrating half a century this year, expect values and interest to rise in this compact saloon. Yet the larger four-door only 1500-2000 range is just as accomplished, a lot roomier, rarer and – compared to the 02 anyway – less expensive although values for certain models, such as the sportier ti and tii versions can sell for over double that of a normal model. For example, a good 2000 Lux may sell for up to £5000 but a tii could fetch three times as much!


Unlike the 02 and the later 3 Series, you don’t see many of these solid-looking saloons which date way back to 1961 with the introduction of the 1500. This evolved into the more popular 1800 and then the 2000 in 1966; all were discontinued in 1972 to make way for the first 5 Series. Although close to half a million were made – all four-door saloons – they were comparatively rare sights in the UK and many sporting derivatives, such as the coveted 2000tii, weren’t ever marketed over here so you may need to look abroad for one; rarest of all are 1800s with a five-speed gearbox and Frazer Nash-BMW badged models.


This saloon was superbly engineered from a time when BMWs were purchased for such excellence – rather than as a lifestyle fashion statement. However, despite enjoying major success in European racing, these saloons aren’t as pert or as nimble as the 02, let alone later 3 Series so even seasoned BMW owners stepping back in time may be in for a shock.

Performance is only brisk on normal models, and the handling can need a bit of watching in the wet. But the engines are typical BMW in character and all are comfortable-riding cars that cruise extremely well.


Despite a first class owners’ club, owning this BMW saloon isn’t as easy as the later Beemers. Parts supply can be hit-and-miss and you’ll have more luck looking abroad although beware – items like those special lozengeshaped headlamps can be expensive.

Mechanically, things are much rosier because a lot of the oily bits later found homes in the 02 and early E21s.


This was the car that saved BMW from bankruptcy and, if you can find a good one, are a rarer, more tasteful alternative to a lot of other BMWs we can think of even though prices are soaring for the sporty versions. Do you really want a common 3 Series?

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