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Bentley Mulsanne

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Bentley Mulsanne
Bentley Mulsanne
Bentley Mulsanne
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Rolls-Royce’s j are now highly prized.


1980 Launched alongside Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit.

1982 Mulsanne Turbo has a 50 per cent power hike.

1984 Bentley Eight introduced.

1985 Turbo R joins line up with a reported 324bhp allied to a retuned chassis.

1987 Fuel injection filters down to all models along with standard ABS.

1988 Engine power increased, taking the Turbo to more than 350bhp.

1990 Spirit II and Series 2 Mulsanne ranges benefit from revised styling and automatic ride control.

1992 Four-speed autos now figure and Brooklands replaces earlier Eight.


A big car yet easy to place on the road and store. Turbos match an E-type for pace yet with the optional suspension pack or the Turbo R (for Roadholding), the Bentley is surprisingly agile and sporty. As you’d expect, there’s comfort and convenience by the bucket load and when you’re in the mood to cruise, these cars practically drive themselves but if you want an easier time, the Rolls is the more refined and are usually driven in a more relaxed manner.


Bentleys feel that bit tighter and handle better but the slower Spirit is more serene and given that there are many tatty, hard used Mulsannes around, you stand a better chance of a nicer Rolls alternative. Turbos are great, but simpler Brooklands offers similar chassis upgrades for a sporty drive and is fine with the power it already has.


We’ve seen cars pass through auctions for just £3000 but whether you’d be wise to buy one is a moot point indeed. Budget on ten grand minimum and 14K to secure a good car. Turbo Rs are on average valued at £1000 over a Turbo, which in turn is around £2500 above Eight or Brooklands. Good Silver Spirits are starting to commend strong money after lagging Bentleys. There’s plenty around so don’t rush and certainly don’t buy a poor one to ‘do up’ as you’re better off with a good one from the outset. And try a few to set a benchmark. Condition counts more than model although having said that pre-’86 cars are said to be not as well built as later models and poor running on carb-fed Turbos is common.


Service history is essential. And check out the seller and their dwellings; do both look like they could afford such a car? It’s not a bad idea to join an owners’ club before you even start looking. Problems can occur if the anti-freeze isn’t changed and it loses its anti corrosion properties; ditto regular oil changes are vital to prevent sludging of the hydraulic tappets while exhaust manifolds can crack. The hydraulic system is complex and due to cost, often neglected. It is recommended it is fully overhauled every 90,000 miles at £2000. If the self actuation rods or spheres play up or there’s a fault in the ECU the dash warning light should tell all. Old Rollers rot like any classic so you need to check the sills, valances, subframe, mounts, floors, inner wings, bulkheads and boot. At the rear, check suspension spring pans which rot but are easy and cheap to replace


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