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Aston Martin Vantage

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Aston Martin Vantage
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Vantage represented a complete departure from Aston’s normal road car portfolio, being a Porsche 911-rivalling hard core two-seater making the model, arguably, Aston’s first genuine sports car as opposed to a GT – both as a coupé and roadster. Jaguar V8-powered albeit upped to 4.3-litre and 4.7-litres (2008) before the V12 took over a year later, all drive (and sound) as good as they look! Small wonder then that Vantage beat the DB7 to become the best selling model ever, which is also keeping prices quite low and now ranks as one of the most affordable Astons you can buy as well as one of the best.


Rest assured, they’ll be very few complaints in this department care of 380bhp minimum (420bhp on the V12) power while the stiff modular alloy/steel/magnesium (VH) structure equates to superb handling but twinned with a nicely supple ride, even on the roofless roadster. Pre-2006 cars sported normal manual transmission which in turn was replaced by the automated ’box called Sportshift that’s agreeably sporty to work to the full once you become acclimatised to it. The Sport Pack, with its tighter suspension and lighter wheels, is more hardcore albeit a bit too much so for many.


This is the good bit – prices start at £30,000 on forecourts or as low as £25,000 at auction but take care here as a warranty is worth the extra. Add ten grand minimum for any convertible or a 2008 4.7 coupé at a pinch; take care as you get what you pay for and a shabby car will cost a lot to make good, warn experts. If you have 50 grand to splash out you can sample late reg cars, like a Vantage S, and £70K is suffice for a 15-plater but depreciation still reigns and you may be better off with something a bit older that’s already lost the bulk of it. Extra optional kit will affect individual values greatly.


2005 Launched, as stand alone design with rear-mounted transmission and 4.3-litre 380bhp engine; six-speed manual or Speedshift semi automatic

2007 Always a two-seater, the sensational looking coupé was joined by a roadster along with special edition N400 with a specifically-tuned chassis

2008 Jag-derived V8 (albeit heavily altered and dry sumped) is upped from 4.3-to 4.7-litres corresponding to 420bhp/347lbft of torque. Various cosmetic changes coincide such as new style 19inch wheels and Bilstein damping. Also, that year, 4.3 cars had the option of a factory approved higher engine tune boosting it to 400bhp (extremely desirable if you find such a car)

2011 Vantage S has 430bhp and seven-speed transmissions including Sportshift II together with a retuned chassis, featuring a quicker steering rack, and aerodynamic body addenda

Best models


Original models are the cheapest by far and while later editions are more desirable, don’t turn your nose up at a good one; quick enough!


Not so much the added power of the larger engine but more grunt where it’s needed. Lightened flywheel and tighter chassis add to the driver thrills


Beneficial to 4.3 such as Prodrive’s quartet range of upgrades, the factory Sport Pack and limited run N400: 480 examples split equally

Top five faults


Rust isn’t a worry, unless poor past repairs, check for deterioration on doors, their handles, etc and missing paint. Water leaks in boot are not unknown and the beefy front spoiler on the V12, is very prone to knocks and costs six grand to replace if necessary


Can look tired if neglected, especially the leather trim while dash tops are known to split

Running gear

General aging or track work manifests itself as tired dampers, springs and bushes but rear hub housings can also crack. Tyre alignment may be wanting as adjustment bolts rust solid


It’s a Jag-based unit in 4.3 and 4.7-litre sizes and as durable if serviced right (the oil strainer needs to be cleaned for example) and look for leaks around timing cover which is a known weak spot and expensive to fix


Manual gearboxes (rear-mounted) can be less than slick (especially when cold) and clutches cost at least £2500 to replace. Autos generally fine so long as the electronics don’t play up

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