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Aston Martin

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Aston Martin
Aston Martin
Aston Martin
Aston Martin
Aston Martin
Aston Martin
Aston Martin
Aston Martin
Aston Martin
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From affordable to awesome

Since David Brown took this famous sports car company over, an amazing seventy years ago would you believe, Aston Martin has not only crafted some of the most desired and hottest GTs ever but was also recently voted as one of the World’s coolest brands.

This special buying feature, containing all the essential facts at your fingertips, looks at every classic Aston produced from the DB2 right through to modern DB9 and DBS models – meaning there’s something for everybody and yet without you needing to be a Goldfinger to join the exclusive AM club!

Desmond J Smail operates from his established Bucks-base together with a London showroom which looks after the modern models. He is optimistic of a good 2018 as classic Aston prices are holding strong although in contrast, he describes the Gaydon cars of having a quieter time although they do cater for a completely different buying base.

Although admitting they will always draw the attention of investors due to just hundreds of ‘classic’ Astons left, Smail says that – amazingly – too many DB4-5-6s on the market simply aren’t as good as they purport to be and warns customers that it costs £250,000 upwards for a full, proper, quality restoration; that said, his workshop is booked up solid to 2020.

Astons to look out for include the DB7 and the predecessor Virage/Vantage, the latter which he believes hasn’t had “its day” yet. Of the Gaydon cars, Desmond can see Vanquishes (he has one for general duties) having a resurgence but warns buying seemingly bargain DB9s and V8 Vantages from general dealer sites; these cars are usually the examples that haven’t been looked after and are ready to catch the next owner out. However, the biggest future concern is their potential for viable restoration as the VH platform is extremely complex and beyond the realms of many garages. Plus, major rust issues are already common on the Gaydon generation.

Also Bucks-based, Martin Brewer of Runnymede always has a diverse collection of Astons in stock and he voices similar concerns and for that reason won’t touch a Vanquish as he’s encountered too many problems with them – back to the old previous owners exercising lack of care comments? He tips DB7s as the ones to watch although admits that the market is currently very undecided.

David Earles concurs, believing that the market isn’t as buoyant as last year but says values are holding steady and he thinks the forthcoming flotation on the stock market will hike values. Like Smail, the head of Oselli says there’s a surprising amount of average cars on the market at far too optimistic prices because owners see what the top cars are making and think theirs is worth as much, ignoring the cost of a good restoration: “Top cars will always sell for strong money,” he advises. Particular models to watch include DB7s and perhaps Virages as he notes that a couple of Aston specialists are trying to reignite that market. Of the Gaydon cars, he sees a lot of high mileage, skipped serviced ones and he too foresees that their complex build and attendant costs will see many Astons being scrapped!

Nicolas Mee marks 25 years of specialising in Astons by relocating this spring to all new site in Hertfordshire and feels Gaydon cars well become collectible – as they are so usable – yet also feels they will be saveable as main dealer technicians spread their wings to become the next generation of specialists.

Right now, the market is in a state of flux, chiefly because there’s a general lack of consumer confidence caused by general external forces such as Brexit – there’s both cars and customers but they are not committing he says. Astons Mes tips to appreciate include the AM V8s and the (Virage-derived) Vantage V cars.

Classic Astons are no longer given the works

Bonhams is to hold its 19th annual Aston Martin Sale… not at the factory anymore, but at Englefield House, Pangbourne, near Reading on Saturday 2nd June, in association with the Aston Martin Owners’ Club. The event is part of a special weekend celebrating this iconic British marque, including the Club’s prestigious international Concours D’Etat.

Aston Martin Owners’ Club Secretary, Marc Aylott, commented: “The Club is proud to continue its long association with the Bonhams Aston Martin Sale, which traditionally takes place on the Club’s renowned Concours D’Etat weekend, in partnership with Champagne Taittinger and Lockton Insurance. Staging the Bonhams auction and Club Concours on consecutive days offers the perfect opportunity for our global membership to gather together with our UK Members to enjoy two wonderful world-class Aston Martin events.”

James Knight, Group Motoring Chairman, commented: “The Bonhams Aston Martin Sale is a firm feature on the automotive auction calendar and it is hard to believe that 2018 will mark the 19th auction. Aston Martin Works was a warm host and I enjoyed many years conducting the Bonhams Sale on-site within the Service department.”

It’s believed that the Works decided not to host further auctions due to the upheaval it created in the busy workshop to cater for all the auction stock over the May weekend.


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