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Mitsubishi Shogun V6

Mitsubishi Shogun V6 Published: 15th Oct 2014 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Just bought, our Shogun V6 looked pretty scruffy but is basically quite sound
Mitsubishi Shogun V6 If you think it’s dirty you, should have seen under the bonnet and the wheels after some off-roading…
Mitsubishi Shogun V6
Mitsubishi Shogun V6 Interior is dirty but sound. Note £5 steering lock…
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MAKE: Mitsubishi Shogun V6 OWNER: Alan Anderson YEAR: 1996

Just bought, our Shogun V6 looked pretty scruffy but is basically quite sound

If you think it’s dirty you, should have seen under the bonnet and the wheels after some off-roading…

Torrential rain, floods, blizzards… we’ve had the lot during the last few years so all the more reason to consider owning a 4x4. And so why not a classic one?

Here’s ours – bought during the blistering July heatwave; a second gen Mitsubishi Shogun.

Are they classics? Well, if the Land Rover Discovery can celebrate its 25th then why not the Shogun, first unveiled 40 years ago?

If you didn’t know, off-roading is a fast, upcoming new motorsport pastime and you can have a lot of fun cheaply – our car (pictured), taxed and MoT’d cost just £400!

Our warrior is one of the second generation versions, introduced back in 1991, a time when the Mitsubishi was at its very considerable peak. More stylish than the original, the second generation design is also more refined, to Range Rover levels, and what’s more, this was a period when the Shogun boasted the best build quality and reliability records – far better than a dodgy Disco…

If we couldn’t have found a sound but scruffy Shogun we’d have looked for a similar Isuzu Trooper, Vauxhall Monterey, Toyota Landcruiser or Nissan Patrol.


We found this long-wheelbase P-reg in deepest Kent and was very much take-as-you-find-it purchase. The owner claimed he couldn’t afford the fuel (didn’t we tell you it was the 3-litre V6 version – with the ultra rare manual transmission?) and it looked unloved as you can see with the rear also gutted out as a van. Apart from a blowing exhaust manifold and assorted creaks and rattles, it ran surprisingly well plus boasted newish tyres, signs of some servicing and a tow bar – and boy, can these beasts tow!

For competition, the smaller, stubbier three-door version would have been better perhaps, but the LWB is more practical and much roomier for daily motoring.


Striking lucky with our Shogun (you also see them abroad badged Montero and more likely the rudely translated Pajero!), the aim is to turn it into a winter/fun off-road classic where it’s already taken part in a local event and was really great fun.

We’ve already mucked out the interior and refitted the trim, added some seat covers, adjusted the brakes, fixed the non operative fuel gauge (bad connections), replaced the missing battery bracket, changed the oil, fixed the blowing exhaust and our first competitive mud plug you can read about more next time. The engine kicked out up to 177bhp when new and it feels that most of the horses haven’t bolted yet. And after a service, economy isn’t too bad – for a V6…

Right now we’re pretty chuffed over our spendthrift Shogun and winter can’t come soon enough…


In 1983, the first Pajero made its début at the gruelling Paris Dakar Rally, taking first place two years later and became the most successful vehicle in the rally.

We’re not that adventurous… but off-roading as a sport in the UK is becoming increasingly popular.

Basically, recognised 4x4 events major on trials and Cross Country. The former consists of making it to the top of a (farmers) hill, negotiating pylons etc along the way which, if you touch, you lose points. Cross Country is a sort of rallycross for off-roaders plus there’s also Hillrallies, which are run like a special stage event.

Small, local events cost little more than a nominal entry fee and the fuel used but larger events can involve national championships and are so controlled by the RAC MSA, meaning a proper competition licence is demanded. The good news is that you can start from the tender age of 16 and, on trials, just 15 so all the family can have a go.

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