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Ford Anglia

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Ford Anglia
Ford Anglia
Ford Anglia
Ford Anglia
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Two iconic cars were launched at almost the same time 60 years ago but are poles apart. In one corner is the super advanced BMC Mini, while at the other is the boringly conventional Ford Anglia. Both became, and remain, massive hits with tuners and improvers but being utterly orthodox, the 105E is so much easy to work on plus there’s the immense interchangeability with other Fords. In short, a DIYers dream!

Rear suspension

Rear set up uses lever arm dampers, which are dearer to repair and replace than telescopic units. Leaf springs settle and their hangers are prone to rusting away. Some Cortina and Classic parts will fit


Front suspension tops rot and punch through the bulkhead and be sure to check all structural areas such as the rear spring hangers, floors, inner wings, bulkheads, the jacking points and so on


Expect rot on the front wings, door bottoms, valance panels and inner and outer sills. Panels are still around but not particularly plentiful although helpful owners’ club can find what you need


Newton Commercial is the place to go for new replacements although you’ll always find stuff at autojumbles. As a rule, Deluxe trim is easiest to come by, rarer Super and base bits need a search


An all drum set up but 1200 sported bigger items and may be fitted already. Just the usual service points require attention. Ford Classic/ Capri struts and discs can be fitted easily if you can find them


Sturdy but look for jumping out of gear, undue noise and gear lever buzz. Check while underneath for leaky seals and the like. The slicker Cortina and Corsair gearboxes can be substituted


Ever faithful Kent unit is easy to fix and tune. Smoking and fuming is more prone on 1200s as is crankshaft rumble. Generally, top end clatter is more of a a minor niggle than of a major concern

Front suspension

Shot suspension and steering systems are common – some adjustment on the latter is possible, but wheel wobble at speed is a common fault and due to a worn steering box; a £50 recon

Engine swaps

The enlarged 1340cc engine, as fitted to later Classic and Capri, is pokier but not liked due to weaker three bearing crankshaft, but that’s only if this unit is driven especially hard or is highly tuned

Is this the classic alternative?

If you haven’t bought your Anglia yet, and perhaps are having trouble finding the right one for your budget, why not consider this classic alternative – the Consul Classic? Conceived before the 105E, it’s essentially the big brother, sharing similar styling and mechanicals but (with the exception of the Capri GT) at lower prices. Heavier and far more solid than the littler, lithe Anglia, the Classic already has the essential modern road improvements fitted by the factory, such as front disc brakes, larger tyres and a choice of either a 1340cc or 1500cc Kent engine; the latter being far preferable due to its better torque and a stronger five-bearing crankshaft and engine block.

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