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Nissan Figaro

Nissan Figaro Published: 21st Apr 2016 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Nissan Figaro
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Looking for a classic with a difference – then why not consider a gem from Japan suggests Chris Rees?

Japanese cars, for so long neglected by the classic car movement, now have a huge following. That charge has been led by the hard-to-ignore Mazda MX-5, which single-handedly reinvented the two-seater roadster. But so pervasive is the MX-5’s influence that Mr Editor has instructed me not to talk about it. Which is good because there are so many fantastic Japanese classics out there.

From 1970’s retro rides to 21st century performance icons, Japan’s rich car culture has produced an impressive spread of machinery to choose from. The fact that so many of these are ‘under the radar’ in the car market means there are some bargains out there. But our prediction is that values will soon rise for many Japs. Why? Because they’re undervalued and because owners love the fact that they’re more reliable than other classics. So here’s our choice of cars that you can buy at bargain prices, enjoy and, very probably, see increase in value over time. There, I didn’t mention the MX-5 at all. Er, doh!


VALUES: £3000-£8000

I heard someone say recently that it was crazy that the Figaro could be worth £5000. After all, it’s only a 1990 Micra underneath – perhaps one of the least appealing if reliable cars ever made. But that ignores the magic spell that the Figaro is capable of casting. The last of Nissan’s retroinspired ‘Pike’ series, the Figaro is a retro pastiche with friendly lines and some great detailing (vintage hub caps, Victorian cutlery-style toggle switches and old-timey radio). On a sunny day, you can roll back the canvas roof and enjoy the play of sunshine off the white leather cabin (which, incidentally, seats 2+2). Yes, the ancient Micra floorpan is a bit of a downer, but the 987cc engine does have a turbocharger so it squeezes out a fairly respectable 76bhp although the obligatory three-speed automatic transmission doesn’t help sports car aspirations: this is really a city car or an interesting daily driver. Only 20,000 Figaros were made, all for Japan, but most have seemingly now been brought into the UK as grey imports, so you have a big choice out there. The Figaro resolutely refuses to lose value, although Nissan’s other Pike cars – the Mini-esque Be-1, the 1940’s throwback Pao and the S-Cargo van – hold less market appeal.

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