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Jaguar X350 & X358

Jaguar X350 & X358 Published: 12th Feb 2015 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now!

Jaguar X350 & X358
Jaguar X350 & X358
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High tech replacement for the X300 débuting at the 2002 Paris Motor Show relying upon aluminium construction to save weight but twinned with traditional styling that was reminiscent of the S1 XJ6.


In effect the X350 is the link between traditional Jags and the swanky new ones. A much larger and substantial car than the X300, it offers much more interior space and, for a Jaguar, a huge boot. Like all XJs they are spectacular value for money although body repairs will be expensive.


There’s no mistaking the X350 (and the X358 revision) for anything other than an XJ as you waft along in supreme comfort and silence. There’s a wide choice of engines, ranging from a 240bhp 3-litre V6 (a derivative of the unit used in the X and S-types) right up to a scorching 4.2-litre 400bhp supercharged XJR. At the other end of the scale, there’s a 2.7-litre V6 as found in the Range Rover Sport. Their inherent light weight, which is considerably less than both the X-Type and S-Type, means ample performance, while economy petrol models is in excess of 25mpg, and with more to come on a run.


There’s no bad ’uns and it really depends what you are after. The TD is quite refined and will always sell well due to its 35mpg economy. There’s a trio of V8, one (262bhp) 3.5-litre with the other pair being the XK8’s 4.2-litre. Unless you’re power crazy and want a scalded cat you’ll find the 3.5 and 4.2 fast enough not to bother with the XJR although this model will hold the best chance of classic status. There’s a variety of trim levels such as Sport, SE, Executive, Luxury XJR and Super V8 (same as the XJR but more discreet) but condition and provenance counts for more.


When new, these were £41K executive saloons (£60,000 in the case of the XJR) but truly massive depreciation has seen values fall like an anvil and you can easily pick one up for £5000 – or less! Given its complexity, we’d sleep easier spending around £7-10K and buying from a Jag specialist offering a sleep easy warranty. X358 facelift starts from five figures but with depreciation so heavy and with more still to hit you, we’d look to an older car.


Despite the car’s complexity, this generation of XJs appears to be one of Browns Lane’s more durable designs. The V8s (timing gear excepted) are trustworthy, the V6 especially so. The main concern are the electronics and electrics so see everything works.

This XJ rides on air suspension but this can fail although it’s usually just the compressor; see it works properly as failed air suspension bags co st around £200 each. Another item to watch for is the electronic handbrake which requires special tools; the car is hardly made for DIY work. The alloy bodywork should be inspected with care and bear in mind that cars made after March 2006 fall into the highest tax brackets. The exception is the diesel range, although if its DPF (Dual Particulate Filter) is clogged up it could mean a £1000 repair bill to make it run and pass the MoT…

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